AUSTIN (KXAN) — The University of Texas Police Department held a civilian active shooter training session for faculty and staff Wednesday.

The training consisted of a staged video example of an active shooter on a college campus and a follow-up slideshow presentation of best practices.

“The one thing to take away is run, hide, fight,” said Sgt. Adan Zavala, who led the training. A further breakdown of that is below.

Graphic: Active Shooter Response
UTPD Active Shooter Response Guide

“Research shows that everybody sees that initial response, that initial stimulus, as something that couldn’t be happening, and they respond in a mental state of denial,” said Sgt. Zavala. “And they’re looking for social proof to keep them in whatever activity they’re in at the time, whether that’s in a classroom or office going about their business for the day.”

Amber Shah, the assistant director of development for UT’s School of Nursing, says this stuck out to her the most.

“Thinking everything through and understanding there’s going to be an element of denial was the biggest help for me,” she said. “And understanding what I need to get through those first few minutes of shock. Just to be prepared. I’m a new mom, and I want to make it home.”