AUSTIN (KXAN) — The City of Austin’s Parks and Recreation Department is gathering community feedback on possible motorcycle parking additions at Barton Springs Pool after some residents expressed concerns over limited spaces.

Currently, motorcycle and scooter parking is available near the main entrance to Barton Springs Pool, with parking curbs surrounding the spaces to prevent cars from parking there. However, PARD officials told KXAN there aren’t currently any marked spaces for two-wheel vehicles on the south side.

Scooter and motorcycle parking (circled in red) available at the main entrance of Barton Springs Pool (Courtesy: Austin Parks and Recreation Department)

It comes as some residents emailed into KXAN about motorcycles and scooters being ticketed for illegal parking in the southside lot. A representative for the Austin Transportation and Public Works Department told KXAN motorcyclists and scooters should park in regular spots offered, in the event of no designated two-wheel spots being open.

While the parking is strictly controlled by the Austin Parks and Recreation Department in that area, Austin Transportation and Public Works Department (TPW) does assist in parking enforcement on the weekends.

Some motorcycles and scooters are getting cited because of safety and environmental violations such as parking in the grass, parking in the travel lane which creates an obstruction for motorists in the roadway and parking in NO PARKING areas which obstructs the vision and clearance for other vehicles.

TPW spokesperson’s emailed statement to KXAN

The possible addition of two-wheel parking spots in Barton Springs Pool’s south lot could come via the Zilker Vision Plan. While the current draft of the plan doesn’t go into specific details on parking options, a PARD spokesperson said the department “will consider community input gathered for the Zilker Vision Plan including requests to add motorcycle parking on the south side.”