AUSTIN (KXAN) — Following a deadly year on Austin roads, the City of Austin’s Transportation Department is working to tackle one of the contributing factors to deadly crashes — speeding.

Austin City Council voted Thursday to lower the speed limits on nearly 50 roads across the city. Speeds will be reduced on major corridors and on side streets by five to 15 mph.

The city’s transportation department recommended the lowering of the lowering of speed limits outside of the city’s core and setting the speed for four streets.

Streets include Slaughter Lane, Great Hill Trail, Metric Boulevard, McNeil Drive, Cameron Road, Ranch-to-Market Road 620 near Four Points and more.

“We call them Level 3 or Level 4 streets so they’re kind of big arterial, multi-lane roads,” explained Anna Martin, the city’s transportation department’s assistant director.

The city says it’s time for a change with Martin explaining Austin isn’t the same as it was when city leaders set the speed limits.

“We had a lot fewer people living in the city, a lot fewer pedestrians and bicycles users also sharing our streets,” Martin said.

North Austin neighbor Catherine Von Ach who travels on McNeil Drive said she would support the proposed speed limit change from 45 to 40 miles per hour.

“Anytime you have the law intervening it can make a difference because then people can get stopped and be given tickets so there might be some people that think about the speed they’re driving,” Von Ach said.

The city says it has a plan on how it will implement the changes.

“We’re going to prioritize the roads that have school zones on them, and that are on our high injury network so we have a known pattern of crashes,” Martin said.

One example of a “high injury network” road is Cameron Road. It’s an area where there have been nine deadly crashes since 2018. The city proposes lowering the speed limit along a section of the road by five miles.

“We know that speed is a really important factor when it comes to our crashes and the severity of crashes increases with higher speeds,” Martin said. “Lowering the limits overall so that it’s safer for everybody.”

30 mph recommended speed

  • 35th Street (West) from Balcones Drive to Loop 1 (MoPac Expressway North) West Frontage Road.
  • Far West Boulevard from Chimney Corners to Loop 1 (MoPac Expressway North) West Frontage Road.
  • Great Hills Trail from Stonelake Boulevard to Loop 360 (Capital of Texas Highway North).
  • Jollyville Road from N Capital of Texas Highway to Business Park Drive.
  • Payton Gin Road from U.S. Hwy. 183 East Frontage Road to North Lamar Boulevard.
  • Teri Road from I-35 South East Frontage Road to Nuckols Crossing Road.
  • West Gate Boulevard from Manassas Drive to West William Cannon Drive.

35 mph recommended speed

  • Ben Garza Lane from Brodie Lane to Loop 1 (MoPac Expressway South).
  • Bluff Springs Road from East William Cannon Drive to Austin City Limits Line.
  • West Canyon Ridge Drive from IH-35 North East Frontage Road to Tech Ridge Boulevard.
  • Center Line Pass from Center Ridge Drive to West Howard Lane.
  • City Park Road from FM 2222 to Austin City Limits Line west of Bridge Point Parkway.
  • Escarpment Boulevard from Davis Lane to West William Cannon Drive.
  • Gracy Farms Lane from Metric Boulevard to Loop 1 (MoPac Expressway North) East Frontage Road.
  • Kramer Lane from Burnet Road to Lamar Boulevard (North).
  • Lake Creek Parkway from RM 620 to U.S. 183.
  • Lakeline Mall Drive from U.S. 183 (North Research Boulevard) to 1,500 feet east of Lyndhurst Street.
  • Metro Center Drive from Riverside Drive (East) to end of Metro Center Drive.
  • Old Bee Caves Road from U.S. 290/S.H. 71(West) to Austin City Limits Line.
  • Pond Springs Road from U.S. 183 (Northbound Frontage Road, north intersection) to U.S. 183
  • (Northbound Frontage Road, south intersection).
  • Ross Road from Pearce Lane to Austin City Limits Line north of Gilwell Drive.
  • Rutherford Lane from U.S. 183 (East Anderson Lane) to I-35 North East Frontage Road.
  • Rutland Drive from Burnet Road to 200 feet east of Golden Meadow Drive.
  • East Stassney Lane from South Congress Avenue to I-35 South West Frontage Road.
  • Stonehollow Drive from Metric Boulevard (north intersection) to Metric Boulevard (south
  • intersection).
  • Tuscany Way from U.S. 290 to 2,500 feet north of U.S. 290

40 mph recommended speed

  • Bradshaw Road from River Plantation Drive to Austin City Limits Line north of Kleberg Trail.
  • Brodie Lane from 300 feet south of Alexandria Drive to West Slaughter Lane.
  • Brodie Lane from FM 1626 to Austin City Limits Line.
  • Cameron Road from Park Center Drive to 580 north of Brighton Lane
  • Center Lake Drive from East Howard Lane to Parmer Lane.
  • Dessau Road from 580 feet north of Brighton Lane to Meadowmear Drive
  • Four Points Drive from RM 620 to River Place Boulevard.
  • Harris Branch Parkway from 700 feet north of Farmhaven Road to Parmer Lane.
  • Jollyville Road from Balcones Woods Drive to Great Hills Trail.
  • McKinney Falls Parkway from Burleson Road to U.S. Hwy. 183.
  • McNeil Drive from U.S. Hwy. 183 to Parmer Lane.
  • Metric Boulevard from Staton Drive to Howard Lane.
  • Metric Boulevard from Scofield Lane to Staton Drive.
  • Pearce Lane from Ross Road to Welsh Way.
  • East Slaughter Lane from I-35 South East Frontage Road to Brandt Road.
  • West Slaughter Lane from Brodie Lane to Brasher Drive.
  • West Slaughter Lane from Menchaca Road to I-35 South East Frontage Road.
  • East Stassney Lane from Teri Road to 1,200 feet south of Burleson Road.
  • Stonelake Boulevard from Loop 360 (Capital of Texas Highway North) to West Braker Lane.
  • Tech Ridge Boulevard from Yager Lane to Parmer Lane.
  • Vega Avenue from West William Cannon Drive to Southwest Parkway.
  • Wilson Parke Avenue from RM 620 to Woodbay Parke Drive.

45 mph recommended speed

  • Burleson Road from U.S. Hwy. 183 to F.M. 973.
  • Harris Branch Parkway from Parmer Lane to Gregg Lane.
  • East Howard Lane from Dessau Road to I-35 North West Frontage Road.
  • East Howard Lane from Dessau Road to Immanuel Road.
  • McCallen Pass from Parmer Lane to Howard Lane.

50 mph recommended speed

  • Southwest Parkway from Boston Lane to Austin City Limits Line west of Amara Trail.