AUSTIN (KXAN) — Samples taken from the Barton Springs pool Aug. 1 did not detect toxins associated with harmful algae, but an earlier sample did, according to the City of Austin’s Watershed Protection Department.

According to a release, staff from the Watershed Protection Department and Austin Public Health tested water samples after a dog died shortly after swimming in Barking Springs, the spillway area below the pool.

Two samples were taken that day — one from the shallow section of the pool and one from the deeper section.

“We received results from those samples on July 28, 2022. The sample taken from the upper section resulted in 0.029 µg/L of Anatoxin-a. These are trace amounts and are far below levels of concern. No toxins were detected in the samples taken from the lower section,” the Watershed Protection Department said.

Additional samples were taken Aug. 1 from the same areas of the pool, and those results did not detect Anatoxin-a at either location.

“The World Health Organization* (WHO) uses a guidance threshold of 6 µg/L of Anatoxin-a in drinking water for children and infants, and 30 µg/L for adults. The WHO guidance threshold for recreational use is 60 µg/L,” the Watershed Protection Department said.

Sample results:

  • Barton Springs, Upper section 7/15/2022 0.029 µg/L Anatoxin a
  • Barton Springs, Lower section 7/15/2022 No toxin detected
  • Barton Springs, Upper section 8/1/2022 No toxin detected
  • Barton Springs, Lower section 8/1/2022 No toxin detected