AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin City Council approved a settlement in another lawsuit tied to the May 2020 protests during its Thursday meeting.

Council approved $850,000 for the settlement with Maredith Drake, who was serving as a “street medic” during the Black Lives Matter protests nearly two years ago in downtown Austin.

She filed suit in September 2020, claiming an Austin Police officer shot a beanbag round at her hands while she was trying to carry an injured protester to get medical help. The lawsuit said she was wearing a shirt with red crosses on it to identify herself as a medic.

The Austin Police Department said at the time an investigation was launched into the incident.

In February, Austin City Council approved millions for other protest-related settlements.

The injured protester Drake was trying to help, Justin Howell, received $8 million for his own lawsuit against the city. He was put in critical condition after being hit by a beanbag round.

During the same meeting, council members approved $2 million for Anthony Evans, who was shot in the head with a beanbag round, according to his lawsuit.

Drake’s settlement is subject to court approval.