AUSTIN (KXAN) — The city council of Austin passed an ordinance Thursday to waive permit and development fees for work to repair damage from last week’s winter storm.

“The City has a health and safety interest in protecting its residents from the dangers posed by tree and structural damage. There is an immediate need to prevent these structures from becoming further damaged,” the ordinance reads.

The ordinance covers work to remove damaged trees and tree limbs, and work to repair or reconstruct existing multi-family and single-family structures. Some associated fees that will be waived include fees for permitting, plan review, inspection, demolition and variance fees.

Permits are still required by the city. The Developmental Services Department offers emergency permits, which can be submitted up to five days after work begins. The department says that “applicants should note ‘2023 Winter Weather Event’ on the application.”

“Our priority is to ensure our community can recover safely and quickly from this winter storm,” said Development Services Interim Director José Roig in a press release. “We want the community to know we’re here to help through the recovery and thank the City Manager and the City Council for taking quick action to support Austinites in need.”   

In addition to permit and development fees, the ordinance also waives any late fees for unpaid city utility bills that were due between Jan. 31 and Feb. 17.

However, re-inspection fees are not waived by the ordinance, nor any fees assessed on or before January 31.

Read the ordinance below:

Another newly passed ordinance covers “small scale” electrical work. It drops some permit requirements, extends the deadlines for some other permit applications, and waives a registration requirement for licensed Texas electricians.

“While the ordinance authorizes the City’s Building Official to waive the permit requirement, work must still follow all federal, state, and local requirements,” the press release reads.

Read the ordinance below:

Both ordinance expire on March 31.