AUSTIN (KXAN) – On Wednesday, the City of Austin responded to a resolution that directed the city manager to initiate an ordinance to assist employees working within city limits.

The resolution for the Wage Theft ordinance would help the employees:

  • File complaints for unpaid wages and require those employers to take certain actions to ensure employees are paid wages due
  • Determine strategies necessary to collaborate with local law enforcement to address allegations of wage theft
  • Develop a plan to maintain a database of final determinations of state and federal labor violations committed in the City of Austin

A draft of the ordinance needed to be submitted to the city council for consideration by the end of August, according to a release.

A council meeting is being set for Sept. 8 to allow for the community engagement process that will focus on the complaint process, the city’s role in this process and the most appropriate resources for the city to share with the community.

The city requested to have until Dec. 1 to complete the actions presented in the resolution.