3 Austin-area suspects in Waco shooting back in custody

KXAN News - AUSTIN (KXAN) -- An engineer with the City of Austin Public Works Department was arrested Sunday in the aftermath of a biker-gang shootout at Waco's Twin Peaks restaurant. Juan Garcia was arrested on a charge of engaging in organized crime in connection with the brawl.

The City of Austin confirmed Tuesday morning Garcia, 45, is an employee, adding that they are in the process of placing him on paid administrative leave. He was first hired by the city in March 2009. Public records show Garcia worked for several engineering firms before joining the city.

Garcia, along with two other men from the Austin area, bonded out of jail Monday on lesser charges. Garcia and 27-year-old Jim Harris, of Austin, were taken back into custody Tuesday after the two turned themselves in at the federal courthouse in Austin. The third man, 31-year-old Drew King, of Dripping Springs, also turned himself in to Travis County authorities. Bond for each of the men is set at $1 million.

Judge Ralph Strother said some of the first alleged gang members brought to the county jail Sunday were mistakenly booked under relatively minor offenses, like carrying a prohibited weapon, which carry a lower bond amount. That booking process also happened before a blanket charge of 'engaging in a criminal enterprise' was leveled against all 170 people arrested, which also carried a $1 million bond.

Strother said Associate Judge Virgil E. Bain Jr., who issued the lower bonds, insisted he never lowered the amounts. The fact that Garcia, Harris and King are all from the Austin area is a coincidence, Strother added.

None of the three have a significant criminal record.

The crowd of suspects Sunday was so large that authorities opened a convention center to hold them all before they were arrested, police said.

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