AUSTIN (KXAN) — Staff with the Austin Transportation Department gave a presentation to the Mobility Committee this week regarding a parking overhaul plan that includes paid parking on South Congress Avenue.

The presentation noted the following challenges related to parking in the area:

  • High parking demand with no space turnover
  • Current 2-Hour time-limit zones are inconsistent and present challenges for enforcement
  • Need more enforcement and a way to pay for it
  • Residential Permit Parking (RPP) restrictions are not consistent
  • Neighborhood street parking overflow, causing quality of life issues for residents.
  • Business/merchant employees have a hard time finding parking,
  • Many businesses along South Congress don’t have off-street parking

In addition to paid parking, the plan would also include consistent parking enforcement and affordable off-street parking options.

“I mean it’s tough to find parking and it’s crowded here,” said Alan Barnette, owner of Prima Dora on South Congress. “My customers bring it up all the time. They come in and they say this is the one place they know they can pull up in front of the store… and there’s always going to be a parking space. Whereas the street parking – I feel like people sit there a long time. Of course, if it’s paid, I don’t know if they would sit there as long.”

The Austin Transportation Department has taken public input from residents and employees in the area.

Austin Transportation Dept: “I think the neighborhoods and the residents there are looking for something that’s consistent and still maintains their quality of life,” said Joseph Al-hajeri, the department’s Mobility Demand Program Manager.

Staff are still finishing up the application, and plan to bring it before City Council in March.

Click here to see the presentation on the parking plan.