Austin (KXAN) — The Austin Center for Events is considering new rules that would require special events to provide water to their attendees.

According to the City of Austin’s Development Services Department, the rules recommended by Austin Public Health, mandate that all Tier 2, 3 and 4 special events must provide at least one pint of water per hour per attendee.

The city’s code ordinance on special events says Tier 2-4 events are events that anticipate having less than 2,500 people at any one time.

The new rules also require organizers to provide one toilet per 50 persons at the event and handwashing stations near those areas.

According to the notice of the proposed rule, the city must decide on this rule by September 14 or it will be withdrawn.

Event organizers, attendees think hydration during intense heat

The 17th annual Batfest graced the Congress Bridge Saturday night. Early in the day attendees donned hats and umbrellas to protect themselves from getting scorched.

“This is my second summer in Texas so I think I’m finally used to it. It’s been manageable today,” said Jose Rodriguez who went to the festival.

Rodriguez attended Batfest with his friend Laura Bowers. She said staying on top of her water intake cost a pretty penny.

“This one bottle of water was $4 so that was a little steep. It was here but it was pricey but it was available,” said Bowers.

French Smith with Roadway Productions organizes the annual festival. He said new rules like those proposed by APH won’t be too hard to adapt to if needed.

“It’s probably a lot more paperwork for us to do but we’ve been doing these events for years. We kind of know what to do, what to bring, what to order. It’s probably more for first-time event planners,” Smith said.