AUSTIN (KXAN) — The City of Austin gave a snapshot of the current number of encampments on city parkland its staff knows about.

Numbers released to KXAN Thursday showed the city identified 248 encampments on parkland, a slight increase from November 2021, when 228 encampments were found. The city explained relocating camps from roads and bridges “has led to an accumulation of new encampments and additional damage to parkland.”

The city said of the 248 camps, 126 are marked as a “level four,” meaning they are close to or on amenities and have high environmental impacts, biohazards and lots of trash.

LevelNumber of CampsMeaning of Level
Level 165 camps-Vacated trash piles ready for cleanup
-Parks department to coordinate cleanup with a contractor
Level 29 camps
Level 348 camps-Negative environmental impacts
-Near amenities
-Low levels of biohazard issues and trash
Level 4126 camps-Near or on amenities
-High environmental impacts
-Biohazards present
-High levels of trash

Additionally, the city said 49 city parks have at least one tent on the premises.

The city explained park rangers work to identify, log and assess encampments on health and safety criteria. They also notify those camping on parkland that it’s illegal and help to provide resources to the camper(s).

So far, 16 evictions have been carried out on parkland since November 2021. The city said the evictions ranged from one tent to multiple tents taking several months to clear out. About half of the encampments are reoccupied shortly after the eviction, according to the city.

Park rangers also decide which encampments need to be relocated and cleaned up first. Right now, the city said on average, 6,500 pounds of debris are being removed weekly from vacant and active encampments.

The city said this isn’t a complete list of all encampments on parkland, just ones identified through 311 requests. A city spokesperson said these numbers are likely to change — this is just the data at the moment.