AUSTIN (KXAN) — The City of Austin is creating a Winter Storm Review Task Force to be “better-prepared” for future storms after the devastating February winter storms stalled Central Texas for multiple days.

The task force is asking for feedback from citizens to help “identify strategies for building a more resilient, better-prepared city and community response for future disasters,” according to a release from the City.

The task force will be looking for public comment at the April 29 virtual meeting at 6 p.m., specifically for residents and businesses in District 6 and District 8, but anyone is allowed to speak, the release says.

Responses will then be folded into the task force’s final report to Austin City Council. The meeting is scheduled to be broadcast live on ATXN. You can look at the meeting agenda here.

To sign up to speak you should call or email the board liaison at (512) 974-6339 or no later than 12 p.m., April 28 with this information.

  • Speaker name  
  • Item number(s) you wish to speak on 
  • Whether you are for/against/neutral 
  • Email address and telephone number (must be the same number that will be used to call into the meeting) 
  • If interpretation for any languages are needed other than Spanish 

You must call in at least 15 minutes prior to a meeting start time in order to speak, late callers will not be accepted and will not be able to speak. Handouts or other information may be emailed to by noon the day before the scheduled meeting.