AUSTIN (KXAN) — If you’re out there, Amy who lived in University Towers in 1999, some very grateful people would like to speak with you.

The owners of Tiff’s Treats are celebrating the bakery’s 22nd year in business and are trying to find its first customer, Amy, so they can give her free cookies for a year.

In a video on Instagram, Tiff’s Treats recalled the time Amy gave them a call to make the shop’s first order.

“We flyered all of campus [at the University of Texas] and waited three days and got zero orders. Zero phone calls. It was embarrassing,” owners Tiff Taylor and Leon Chen explained in the video. “A day after, Amy called us and placed an order. Little did she know, it was our first order.”

Chen made the order delivery, and he said Amy was “really nice,” and he got a $5 tip out of the deal.

So, if you think you’re Amy, or you know Amy, get in touch with Tiff’s Treats through Instagram — those free cookies are waiting.