AUSTIN (ABJ) — Tex-Mex and sushi are staples in the diets of many Austinites. One serves plate-fulls of warm, spiced foods with a side of cold margaritas, leaving you full for the next five hours. The other offers delicate, melt-in-your-mouth bites, full of color and detail.

Plus, in Tex-Mex restaurants, patrons can often fill up for around $30 — a business model that has worked for decades for places like Matt’s El Rancho.

Just two miles away from Matt’s, a guest might spend $300 on an intimate meal at Otoko, a sushi restaurant that only seats 12. While these establishments are quite different, they epitomize the current state of Austin’s food scene, which has evolved rapidly in recent years. That has arguably made it harder for restaurateurs to find traction — but there is still room for ambitious chefs to make a name for themselves if they know where to look.

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