AUSTIN (KXAN) — Representatives from school districts across central Texas were in Austin this morning to witness a live demonstration of a newly-designed bullet resistant window.

C-Bond Solutions, a tech company based out of Houston, is claiming that their film overlay will stop gunfire from crossing classroom windows.

According to the CEO, the decision for designing this product is personal.

“I have kids too, and I live in South Florida, 8 miles away from Parkland. Some of our people actually live in Parkland and kids attend Stoneman Douglas High School. When that happened, I said to myself we have to help, and even though it’s only a little piece of the solution, we can be a part of it and if we save one child then we’ve done a great service,” said Scott Silverman, CEO of C-Bond Solutions.

The product costs $25 per square foot – making it more affordable for schools than replacing the windows with bulletproof glass.