AUSTIN (KXAN) — A New Braunfels family credited a KXAN report on missing Southwest Airlines luggage with finding and retrieving their own suitcases.

Cecilia and Omar Guerrero live in New Braunfels, and they were leaving Orlando on Christmas Eve when their travel plans were disrupted. They eventually found a replacement flight and got back to Central Texas in the early hours of Christmas morning, but their luggage was missing.

For five days, Cecilia said they hadn’t received any updates from the company on how to reclaim their bags. While searching online for more information, she stumbled across KXAN reporter Tahera Rahman’s coverage of missing Southwest bags and spotted her family’s luggage in the background.

“I saw our luggage there, and I was like, ‘That has to be our luggage!'” she said.

The happy coincidence of her watching the coverage came on her birthday — Dec. 30, and she credited it with being a good start to the new year.

She spotted hers and her granddaughter’s luggage on air, and her family was later able to find her husband’s when they went to the airport. The bags included some holiday gifts for their daughter along with makeup, knickknacks and other essentials.

While many people have been frustrated with Southwest throughout the cancellations, she and Omar commended Southwest staff and crew members in Orlando and Austin for their kindness and assistance throughout the process.