AUSTIN (KXAN) — Pediatricians are closely watching rising cases of dangerous and sometimes deadly strain of strep throat in the UK.

“We have never seen strep causing so many deaths,” said Meena Iyer the Chief Medical Officer at Dell Children’s Medical Center. “We are trying to understand… is it the strain, has the bacteria become more smart and more resistant to treatment, just like we saw with the flu and RSV?”

The Centers for Disease Control is tracking an increase in invasive group A strep infections among children in the United States.

Dr. Iyer said Dell Children’s has not seen any serious cases of Strep A, yet.

“You never know. I don’t want to say we will never see, especially as we’re seeing patterns of strep infections in the UK,” said Dr. Iyer.

“Strep A is a bacteria that’s been here for ages,” said Dr. Iyer. “And it usually starts as a sore throat but if it’s not treated, in some people, it can cause serious infections. It can spread it can affect their kidneys, it can affect their heart, it can affect the nervous system, and it can also cause death from overwhelming sepsis.”

If you have signs of an infection, Dr. Iyer advises you see a doctor immediately to get a strep throat test and treatment from antibiotics.

“If you cannot get in to see your pediatrician, go to urgent care and make sure you get that test done.”