AUSTIN (KXAN) — People in an east Austin neighborhood are frustrated right now after several homes got items stolen from them.

They didn’t lose money or electronics — but instead Christmas decorations — and it was all caught on camera.

Zachary Banks noticed more and more of his neighbors lost things.

“The first post we saw was a neighbor upset that their nutcrackers were stolen — those big six feet tall, expensive ones. Within the same day, we had another post of somebody having their Snoopy inflatable stolen. We actually got a video of that being stolen. Another neighbor had their Santa inflatable stolen,” Banks said.

It ended up being a total of three homes in one weekend.

“There’s a feeling of hurt, because why do this during the Christmas or holiday season?” Banks said.

That stolen Santa belonged to Melissa Lambert.

Image of Melissa Lambert's inflatable Santa
Lambert said she bought a Black Santa to have better representation in her neighborhood and for her family.

“I have one big huge giant inflatable Black Santa, and that was stolen,” Lambert said.

Lambert said it was about $85. But beyond the cost, she said what hurts the most is he felt like part of the family.

“They showed him a lot of love, hugs, punches. They loved him,” Lambert said.

It’s a situation that’s left her and her daughters feeling violated in their new home.

“It breaks my heart to think that we’ve only been here for four months, and I don’t want her to be scared in her neighborhood,” Lambert said.

Banks said this isn’t the first time the neighborhood has dealt with theft.

“People getting their car stolen. One of our neighbors had all of their plants taken off of their front patio,” Banks said.

They’re looking to local leaders for help on how to stop it from happening again.

“Having our voices heard and represented at that city level would be a good outcome,” Banks said.

Despite Lambert’s disappointment, she said she’ll try her best to see the bright side of things.

“Maybe somebody who’s broke is getting some money in their pocket. Maybe it’s bringing joy to some other kid,” Lambert said.