AUSTIN (KXAN) — Indie artist Caroline Rose has had a whirlwind of a year so far, following the release of their album ‘The Art of Forgetting’ and a tour around the U.S. and Europe. Leading up to the album release and tour, Rose shot a short film in Austin.

The film, sharing the same name as Rose’s third studio album, has picked up accolades at film festival screenings over the last few months, and it’ll have its Austin premier Friday night.

‘The Art of Forgetting’ short-film will be screened during the Front Festival at The Contemporary Austin – Laguna Gloria.

The Front Fest, according to its website, is an “end-of-summer festival, featuring musical performances, films and creative experiences curated by Future Front. Hosted annually in Austin, we put Texas women and LGBTQ+ artists at the front of our lineups.”

A full lineup and tickets for the festival are available online.

The film’s plot follows the fallout of a relationship between Caroline and their partner, portrayed by Massima Bell, with the themes any heartbreak feels: sadness, anger, and finding oneself, which doesn’t always happen in a healthy way. Plus, there’s a meta twist at the end.

It was shot last November in Austin at the Austin MotelSagebrush, and ATX Film Studios.

“It was important to me to incorporate, like, some of the actual places, just because I thought it would make it feel more powerful and more realistic,” Rose told KXAN in March, prior to the album release. “And it did. It was kind of psychotic because it was really painful in a lot of ways for me.”

Screen time for the film will be between 9:50 and 10:45 p.m.

Rose, originally from Long Island, New York, moved to Austin about five years ago and said the city brought her something she’s never had before in the music industry.

“I just really love it. I have never had such like a tight community before, especially in the art scene, like the music scene,” Rose said. “There’s so much support in Austin for musicians. It’s kind of unreal to me. And never experienced that before.”

‘The Art of Forgetting’ will also be screened at the Austin Spotlight Film Festival on Sept. 23.

Rose said of the film on their Instagram account, “our short film has quietly been gathering laurels from film festivals as we prepare a wider launch to your phones and laptops 🥰 so proud of this little film and all the incredible response it’s gotten over the last several months.”

Chapters 1 and 2 of the film are available for viewing on YouTube.