AUSTIN (KXAN) — A new south Austin bar is in good spirits after a car crashed into its building on Saturday.

Kelly’s Irish Pub is located off Oltorf Street. Partner James Kelly said they just opened at the beginning of November and have enjoyed showing the World Cup to fans.

The crash took place Saturday as one World Cup watch party was happening.

Kelly said he was away in London when the incident happened, but got the message that a car went straight through the front of the business.

He said it was a “Christmas miracle” no one was hurt.

“The man [driver] in question — he did not give us the ‘Irish exit’ or the ‘Irish goodbye’. He stayed here to own up to what happened. He gave us his insurance details, so we’re hoping that the insurance will handle this, but yes, we’ve had to foot the cost out of our pocket thus far,” Kelly explained.

Kelly said maintenance was there within an hour of the accident to board up the front of the bar, and business resumed as usual.

“Most Irish bars, there tends to be some form of shenanigans, so this was in the form of a car crashing through the window. All in all, nobody got hurt, that’s the main thing, so we just have to progress forward. Mistakes happen, you know?” Kelly said.