Editor’s Note: The video above shows KXAN Live’s top headlines for Aug. 28, 2023.

AUSTIN (KXAN) — CapMetro’s board of directors approved Monday a nearly $430,000 allocation toward the construction of a pedestrian crossing at the intersection of Interstate 35 and 4th Street.

The CapMetro board approved a contract with Rio Grande Pacific Technology, Inc. for the intersection construction work. The project will add a traffic signal and protected crosswalk for people walking and riding bikes both northbound and southbound along the intersection, per CapMetro backup documents.

Officials with CapMetro, the City of Austin and the Texas Department of Transportation all cosigned on the need for improved pedestrian and bike trail crossings at the intersection.

“Currently, people riding bikes or walking must cross the frontage roads unprotected; this includes rail passengers who may be accessing the Downtown Station from the Plaza Saltillo area,” backup documents read in part. “Therefore, CapMetro, the City of Austin, and TxDOT agree to partner on the installation of the new traffic signals requiring cars to stop so people may cross safely.”

The City of Austin will be responsible for the construction of the new traffic and pedestrian and cyclist signals, while CapMetro’s responsibility “includes ensuring the new traffic signals and controller are properly coordinated and integrated with CapMetro’s railroad signal system.”

CapMetro will be responsible for providing and installing related railroad signal infrastructure and cabling.

Officials noted during Monday’s meeting they anticipate the signal to be active this spring.