AUSTIN (KXAN) — CapMetro announced Thursday the launch of its new app and fares system for customer use.

Customers are encouraged to download “CapMetro App,” the new version of the transit authority’s mobile tool. The Austin transit provider also introduced its new fares program AMP to the public, which is only available for use on the updated mobile app.

AMP is an account-based fares program that incorporates “fare capping,” a tool that minimize the amount of money riders spend on CapMetro services within a given timespan.

“Customers will be able to pay per ride for CapMetro Bus or Rail services and experience cost savings that are similar to paying the full cost for a daily or monthly pass up-front,” officials wrote in a Thursday release.

Through AMP, the fares system will track the number of rides a user takes. Once a customer has spent “the equivalent of a daily pass in a service day,” that customer will be able to trips without additional charge for the remainder of that day. A similar monthly cap version is available, where customers can ride without cost for the remainder of a month once they’ve hit the equivalent of a 31-day pass within the same calendar month.

CapMetro officials also denoted the debut of its new fare tier system called Equifare, a discount program available for low-income riders who qualify for the service. The transit authority will still provide its reduced fare program for customers ages 65 and older, as well as those with disabilities, the release added.

“Customers will only be able to access the benefits of AMP, such as fare capping and Equifare, by downloading the new CapMetro App, or purchasing a physical Amp card at the Transit Store,” the release said. “Both the new CapMetro App and physical Amp cards allow customers to manage their account balance online, and physical card holders can also manage their account by visiting a supporting retailer.

Passes purchased through the old Capmetro ATX app won’t transfer to the new one, officials said, adding the agency encourages customers to use those up. The old version of the app will be deactivated in November.