AUSTIN (KXAN) — Bumble dating app users might notice a new profile feature in the weeks leading up to Election Day.

The Austin-based tech company rolled out its “voter” profile badge on Sept. 20, recognized as National Voter Registration Day. The profile feature is a resurgence after its initial debut ahead of the 2018 midterms, and has been offered for users during several election cycles in the U.S., Canada and Brazil, among others.

“Politics play an important part in people’s lives, and we want the ‘Voter’ Badge to be another way that people can display their values directly on their profile and show whether they’re politically engaged for the upcoming Midterms,” said Samantha García, Bumble’s marketing director for the Americas, in an email to KXAN.

While the “voter” badge is offered periodically as a profile option ahead of election cycles, Bumble also offers a “politics” badge year-round to highlight their political ideologies.

García added that political affiliations are possible deal breakers for people entering the online dating pool. In a Bumble global community survey conducted in 2021, she said 55% of respondents said they were “less willing to compromise on what they want and need” from a relationship, which incorporates thoughts on political affiliations.

A separate 2021 survey of 1,000 adults in the U.S. highlighted an increased role politics and activism played in dating, as early as a first date:

  • 62% said it was important to discuss key issues on a first date, including gender equality, politics, race, the environment, etc.
  • 75% said they’d only date someone if “most of their political and social views align”
  • 51% said activism was a more important societal and dating component now than in previous generations

With politics intertwined with many people’s dating philosophies, García said she wants people to be able to have these civic-minded conversations at the forefront of building new connections.

“I like to think that Bumble’s ‘Voter Badge’ is similar to the ‘I Voted!’ sticker in real life – we want this to be a way for people to proudly display that they showed up to the ballot this election,” she said.

García added Bumble is collaborating with I Am A Voter to connect people with election resources ahead of Election Day on Nov. 8. I Am A Voter allows users to register to vote, check if their voter registration status is up to date as well as send key reminders of local, state and national elections landing on your ballot this fall.

The deadline for voter registration in Texas is Tuesday, Oct. 11. Early voting information for Travis County and Williamson County is available online.