UPDATE — Jacob Calloway and his dog Munsta Boi were reunited Wednesday afternoon.

EARLIER — Hundreds of people across Central Texas are supporting an Austin family as they struggle to find their missing dog.

Their 12-year-old son, Jacob Calloway, who has autism, hopes by getting the word out about the lost dog the pair will be reunited. 

“We need him. My son, me, it’s our dog, you know,” said Jacob’s father, who has the same name. “He’s a great dog. He’s a good boy. He’s probably just super scared.”

The Calloway family says last Thursday, their dog, Munsta Boi, got out of the yard and hasn’t been seen since. 

The family says the dog is more than a pet, especially since their son started having seizures in his sleep. 

“After a couple years, we ended up finding this dog and he would sleep with Jacob, and we noticed that he would bark if Jacob started moving too much in his sleep,” his father said. 

The boy’s mother, Tara Calloway, told KXAN that Munsta Boi is a major part of their family because their son relies on him for his routine.

“Our dog sleeps beside him every night,” she said. “It is my son’s routine and anyone that knows kids with autism, they are all about routine. This has turned my son’s world upside down.” 

The boy’s parents say he had an emotional breakdown at school Tuesday, struggling to come to grips with the loss of his beloved pet.

In a cellphone video, the boy is clearly distraught. He said, “I miss my Munsta Boi. Please find him. Please help… Please.” 

The family first posted their plea for help on social media on Monday afternoon. By Tuesday night, the Calloway’s post on the Austin Lost and Found Pets Facebook page had nearly 1,000 shares.

“There are so many awesome people that live in Austin, Texas,” Calloway said, responding to the fact that the post has been shared hundreds of times online. “I’m proud to say that I’m an Austinite.”

The Calloway family has been putting up fliers for the missing dog and on Tuesday they filed a report with the Austin Police Department.

“I love him very much,” Jacob said, adding they’re not giving up.

His dad reaffirmed. “That’s right, we’re not giving up.”

The family is offering a $500 reward for any information on the dog’s whereabouts. The family is also offering their 2008 Dodge Durango for his safe return.

If you’ve seen the missing dog, you’re asked to call the owners at 512-803-9892.