AUSTIN (KXAN) — As the temperatures heat up across Central Texas so do the fuel prices.

As of Wednesday, AAA reports the national average for gasoline is $5.01 with Texas’ average at $4.69 per gallon. At a local Lake Travis marina, the cost for a gallon for boaters was listed at $7.49 Monday.

“It’s kind of the way the world is right now everything,” said Alexander Patlan, the owner of 360 Splash, a boat and personal watercraft rental company. “You go to the grocery stores, it’s expensive. You go to the department stores, it’s expensive, just everything’s expensive.”

Patlan tells KXAN he spends an extra $125 filling up on the lake versus on land. Starting next week, he’ll have to raise his prices.

“Either, you know, make less money or raise your prices,” he said.

The owner of Jeramy Boat Rentals, Jeramy Ferguson, said his costs have doubled since this time last year. He said filling up his diesel truck and boat can easily cost about $300.

Ferguson said the average renter used to spend between $30 and $40 on fuel during a four-hour rental. This year, a renter could spend between $40 to $65. That does not include additional fees such as the boat rental itself — a price many have had to raise in an effort to combat inflation.

“A lot of them are aware of that and some of them are coming back… just not even really driving the boat. They just get on the lake and just hang out because they don’t want to have to absorb the fuel costs,” Ferguson said.

Ferguson said he’s noticed some people are deciding to sell their boats and turn to rentals — eliminating a lot of additional costs that come with owning a boat such as renting a slip, insurance and upkeep.

Both of these business owners said the surge in fuel prices isn’t keeping anyone away from getting on the water. Those who want to spend their summer on the water will find a way and dig deep into their wallets.