AUSTIN (KXAN) — Dozens of women die from pregnancy or delivery complications every year across the state and black mothers are twice as likely to die than other women.

According to 2012 data from the state’s task force on maternal mortality, about 28 black mothers died during every 100,000 live births. That’s compared to fewer than 14 white or Hispanic mothers.

The Black Mamas Community Collective came together at the Capitol Monday to highlight what it;s doing to lower risks. 

“Well, if I could brag, I feel like Travis County is really blazing a trail for some innovative ways to address the crisis,” said Nakeenya Wilson, a member of Black Mamas Community Collective. “Especially with black mothers, the Black Mamas Community Collective, the work that we have been able to do has the potential to spread throughout the state and push us forward as a frontrunner in reducing the rates of maternal mortality. Specifically with black women.”

She says the group is providing things like doula services and postpartum support groups. They’re also researching the problem and educating the community.