AUSTIN (KXAN) — Mere hours after the news of President-elect Joe Biden’s historic win in the 2020 Presidential Election, Austinites of both parties gathered at the Texas Capitol in downtown Austin to celebrate or protest.

The demonstrations began on Saturday morning after Biden was announced as the winner of the state of Pennsylvania, clinching his win of the White House and defeating President Donald Trump. Hours later, supporters continued to gather near the Capitol, with those backing Biden on one side of the street and those backing Trump on the other.

“If we let the cheating, stealing and deceiving prevail in this country, then the United States is gone,” said a President Trump Supporter.

At one point, Trump supporters began to march downtown. Saturday, Trump supporters echoed the presidents attacks on the integrity of the election.

“We just want a fair count of the vote, not a fake vote,” said Joe Kida.

“I’m not going to stop. Today more than 50,000 Americans across the United States are rallying,” said Ali Alexander.

Ali Alexander helped organize the 50 ‘Stop the Steal’ rallies across the U.S. His organization is calling for a deeper dive into the election results.

“The Supreme Court is going to rule on what is constitutional and what is not,” said Alexander.

Meanwhile, the other side of the table is taking the President-elect’s win as a victory.

“It’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. There was this ominous cloud at the beginning of the week, and now the weight has been lifted,” said Biden Supporter, Allison Schellenberg.

“We have seen before our eyes how the nation has transformed over the last 4-years,” said Samhitha Kempaieh. “It was exciting for us to see that we wanted our candidate to win, and he did.”

In addition to the current demonstrations downtown, a “Dance for Democracy” celebration event was scheduled to be held at Pan Am Park at 3 p.m. Saturday.

At one point, the Austin Police Department said the area of 11th Street and Congress Avenue was experiencing a crowd surge.