Austinites came out Sunday to help employees of a local bar and grill that caught fire a week ago.

Casino El Camino on 6th Street caught fire when a vent in the kitchen malfunctioned.

Since then, many of the employees have been out of work. Organizers put together a benefit to help them pay some bills.

“Here we are at the end of the month, and the place burnt down. And you don’t have your shifts,” said Ivy Evaleena, a former employee. “That means you don’t have your rent paid. You don’t have your bills paid.”

So Evaleena organized the event with musical guests, barbecue, a puppy kissing booth and more.

The event was held at the Hard Luck Lounge on East 7th Street.

Organizers said their goal was to raise $12,000 and that the way things were looking Sunday afternoon, they would have no problem hitting their target.

A GoFundMe page has also raised a couple thousand dollars, from friends, regulars and other service industry employees who know the struggle.