AUSTIN (KXAN) — Some changes are coming to the City of Austin’s official New Year’s Eve celebration at Auditorium Shores this year.

Event organizers want the public to know that amid all the excitement, safety is still their top priority.

In past years, the fireworks show took place at 10 p.m. This year, it will be at midnight.

“That’s amazing, I was like, ‘Yes, they’re actually going to run it through the night,'” said Abraham Tamisin, who was walking around Auditorium Shores Thursday. “So yeah, love that.”

Guests can buy beer, wine and champagne from vendors inside designated and enclosed beer halls.

Organizers said event security and TABC-licensed bartenders will check ID cards.

TABC also ups its monitoring efforts around New Year’s Eve in general.

Any businesses that break the rules face suspensions or a fine.

If we take administrative action against a business, we take action against that business’ ability to sell alcohol,” said Chris Porter, public information officer for TABC. “So what that means is we could make them pay a fine or issue a suspension on their permit.”

Starting Friday, the parking lot at Auditorium Shores and under the S. 1st Street bridge will be closed. There will also be several road closures throughout the Bouldin Creek neighborhood on Saturday.

A map of all Austin New Year’s Eve road closures can be found here.