AUSTIN (KXAN) — On Thursday, Austin Mayor Steve Adler told KXAN residents will likely face restrictions on our daily lives for much longer.

KXAN asked him what would happen on April 13 when the city’s stay at home order is supposed to end.

“It scares me to watch what’s happening in New York right now. That does not have to be our future,” said Adler. “We get to decide. We have the time now because we acted early enough — before and earlier than New York did. We get to decide. So what happens on the 13th and the 14th, I think we will all have a better feel for that as we get closer to those days.”

He said it’s possible the order could be extended past April 13.

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And he called on people to take it seriously after seeing people flocking to places like Barton Creek.

University of Texas researchers called Thursday to try to reduce the amount of people Austinites interact with — by about 90%.

“The order we have now, what we do now, is sufficient for the community to get to the 90% reduction, if its important for the community to do that. If the community is not doing that, we are going to monitor the best we can. And obviously we will have to take stronger steps.” 

Mayor Adler said he’s worried about what will happen, down the road, as restrictions start being reduced.

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He said the city is monitoring everything, making sure we don’t try to resume normal life too soon.

If we do that, he said, we could risk spreading the coronavirus again and causing a second outbreak in the coming months.