AUSTIN (KXAN) — In a special effort to emphasize buying local this holiday season, the city of Austin released a special cameo by Mayor Steve Adler as part of their continuing “Spend Smart, Spend Local,” campaign.

Joining us in the KXAN Studio Friday morning are Rebecca Melancon with the Austin Independent Business Alliance and Matthew Pollars with the Small Business Festival.

How do dollars staying in the local economy help the average consumer who might have to spend a few dollars more Saturday than buying from a chain store?

  • Local retailers buy many goods and services, like printing and accounting, from other local businesses; their employees spend most of their earnings locally.
  • Chain stores suppliers are commonly selected from head office and frequently do not have the option to utilize local produce or suppliers.
  •  In most cities and towns, save for a small amount paid to delivery drivers and perhaps a few third-party sellers using Amazon’s platform, all of the money residents spend at Amazon leaves their local economy, never to return.

For the full interview watch the video above.