AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Austin Transit Partnership’s Interim Executive Director Greg Canally has been named the lone finalist for the official position — an announcement that surprised some CapMetro board members Monday.

The ATP board of directors confirmed he was the sole finalist for the position during a meeting Thursday. Canally has served in an interim capacity since last April.

CapMetro Board Member Eric Stratton said he was surprised by the news, given that he wasn’t aware that ATP had selected a national search firm to go through the process. He pointed back to CapMetro’s own agenda from Monday outlining the process behind its selection of Dottie Watkins as president and CEO of CapMetro.

“I do not by any means want anyone to think that I’m impugning the selection of Greg Canally as the sole [finalist]. This was just the first I’ve heard of it,” Stratton said, adding: “The fact that we as a partner in the partnership — City of Austin and CapMetro — are hearing this now, live, at the public meeting and knew nothing else about the process, that’s the thing that I’m more concerned about. Not who they selected, but how [the ATP board] selected them and the fact that you are bringing this information to us now for the first time.”

Others, including Board Member Leslie Pool and outgoing Board Member Ann Kitchen, shared their same congratulations to Canally but asked for further information regarding his selection process. Kitchen said that as one of the bodies overseeing Project Connect’s implementation, ATP should outline the selection process and how they decided on offering the official role to Canally.

Travillion said he would connect with ATP officials on providing an official briefing on the selection process to the CapMetro board. Travillion added ATP will continue through the final stages of the selection and hiring process before Canally is officially named executive director.

The Austin Transit Partnership, alongside the city and CapMetro, is tasked with overseeing the implementation of Project Connect, Austin’s multi-billion-dollar transit system.