AUSTIN (Austin Business Journal) – A long-held goal of some regional leaders, establishing regular commuter trains between Austin and San Antonio, may be getting back on track.

Dedicated commuter rail service between the two cities could have a transformative impact on Central and South Texas, more closely linking the two population centers at either end of what many already see as the state’s next metroplex. It could help people and businesses more effectively move up and down the corridor of more than 5 million people, better connecting them to jobs and housing. Train stations could become hot spots for development, while reductions in traffic congestion could boost quality of life even for those who don’t use the train.

“This could really affect things in a positive way,” Travis County Commissioner Andy Brown said. “The cost of housing in Austin is high and that is an issue for people who want to work in Austin. If we had reliable passenger rail service, where people could live in an affordable community outside of Austin and get on the train to come into Austin to work, that would be amazing. I think it would help employers find people to work in their jobs and help people find places to live.”

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