AUSTIN (KXAN) — The city of Austin will be increasing the number of dynamic speed display devices in its fleet to help encourage drivers to slow down on city roadways.

Austin City Council approved in May a five-year contract with Traffic Logix Corporation for the devices, with expenditures on the displays capped at $616,605. Council requested an increase in devices during the 2022 calendar year “to ensure safer streets in a timelier manner,” Austin Transportation Department’s interim director Richard Mendoza said in a July 8 memo.

Currently, roughly 96 devices are installed across the city, with 31 permanent units and 65 portable devices available for rotations. ATD has identified 59 streets in its queue to receive a speed display device.

Following council approval in May, ATD is expected to receive 25 new display devices by the end of July, which will then be installed in August. An additional 15 units will be received come September and used by ATD’s Vision Zero fleet on high-injury roadways.