AUSTIN (KXAN) — An Austin brother and sister teamed up to help local families impacted by COVID-19 this week with a neighborhood food drive.

After seeing some of their mom’s fellow workers laid off, Zach and Lauren Geller realized they wanted to help put food on the table for families in need.

“We realized that kids who rely on lunch from their school don’t get it anymore because their schools are closed and that means that they don’t get much food. We’re so fortunate so we wanted to give back,” Lauren said.

The brother and sister duo passed out grocery bags throughout their Austin neighborhood on Thursday, asking for food donations. This weekend, they collected the bags for a drop off at the Central Texas Food Bank.

The siblings were able to get away from school work for just a moment to post signs in the neighborhood for the food drive.

“We were able to deliver about a hundred bags…which is great and just in our neighborhood so we can think about expanding and branching out to other eighth graders, fifth graders and kids around Austin,” Zach said.

Andy Geller, Zach and Lauren’s dad, hopes these acts of service can inspire and motivate other kids to help during the community’s need.

“If they’re able to make an impact and be able to spread that urge for other kids to make an impact…then the accomplishment can snowball and hopefully make a larger impact,” Geller said.