AUSTIN (KXAN) — Temperatures have finally started to cool down in Central Texas, but they are still nowhere close to what we saw last February.

Last year’s winter storm trapped people in their homes with no power or heat for days, and many people were left looking for food and water.

The City of Austin continues to prepare just in case an event like that happens again.

The City of Austin’s Department of Emergency Management is responsible for all phases of a community disaster, from response to recovery, but also planning and being proactive to make sure people stay safe when danger arises.

That is why the department has been distributing supplies to recreation centers across Austin to prepare them to serve as shelters if needed. The 12 locations have supplies which include cots, blankets, pillows, water, food and many other essential items. All the supplies will remain in place through winter.

“As we go through the winter season we will have these locations and share with the community, if needed, where they are and where you can go get shelter,” said Bryce Bencivengo, City of Austin homeland security and emergency management spokesperson. “For our most vulnerable, we want to make sure that if you are able to ride out another winter storm, whether it is less severe or more severe at home, that is definitely your best option, but we understand that for some it’s not the best option and they need the services.”

Planning ahead and preparing for disasters in advance can have a big impact on your safety and recovery in a crisis. A good rule is to have critical supplies and resources you need to be self-sufficient for seven days. You should always have a plan, build a safety kit filled with water, food and other basic supplies. Also, know your neighbors and if they have a hard time getting around go and check on them.