AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin Police Department dispatchers and 911 call-takers will get wage increases at the end of the month, according to a memo from the City of Austin.

In July, the City Council asked the city manager to adjust pay rates so that they’d be in the top 25% of what those positions pay in other cities. The pay increase will start on Sept. 25.

In April, 911 call-takers were starting at $18.67 per hour, which will go up to $22.85.

Police dispatchers were starting at $19.82 per hour, which will be increasing to $24.42.

There is also an $1,800 annual stipend for employees with a TCOLE Telecommunicator Certification.

The city is currently hiring for these positions. Right now, there are only 57 call-takers and 48 positions open. There are 55 police dispatchers and 20 positions open.

APD recently made some changes to try and help relieve the stress that an ongoing staffing shortage has put on the staff that is there. Because of those changes, more calls are being put on hold.

To read about applying to the APD Emergency Communication Division, visit