Editor’s Note: The video included in this story is from past coverage of the incident on Feb. 10, 2021.

AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Austin Police Department has delayed the video release of a February police shooting to no later than June 4 of this year.

Jordan Walton, 21, was shot and killed by officers on Feb. 10 after reportedly crashing his car into a home on Rogge Lane then holding a woman and child hostage at another home in the area. SWAT was called out to the scene, and the entire incident took place within one hour.

Usually, videos are released within 60 days of an incident, according to APD policy. That would’ve put the Rogge Lane video’s expected release in mid-April.

However, in late March, APD explained the release won’t take place in time, due to the February winter storms. The department said at the time the video would be released no later than May 1.

Now, APD has announced the release date will be pushed back again to no later than June 4, 2021.

APD said while the critical incident briefing video of the Rogge Lane shooting is currently being made, it won’t be released just yet, since the department had released another video on a separate and unrelated police shooting last week.

“With the release of the January 5, 2021 critical incident occurring last week, APD may now move forward with the video production of the critical incident that occurred on Rogge Lane,” the department said in a press release Tuesday.

APD explained the purpose of releasing the critical incident briefing video is to increase transparency and trust with the community. The videos typically include body-worn and dash camera footage from the responding officers.

The department identified the officers most involved in the incident as:

  • Officer Jeffrey Hutchison – 8 years of service with APD
  • Officer Ryan Nichols – 13 years of service with APD

They were both placed on paid administrative leave after the shooting per APD policy and have since returned to full duty, according to the department.

APD is still investigating the incident.