AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Austin Police Department arrested a woman in connection to 103 stolen checks found in her possession, with a total of 24 victims impacted.

Police responded to a bank in the 2300 block of East Anderson Lane June 30 following a suspicious person call. A woman was trying to open the front doors despite the bank being closed, and she’d previously been reported to APD for making death threats to bank employees at the location.

A member of the bank’s security team also provided surveillance footage of the woman driving to the bank and attempting to open its front doors.

Police detained Andrea Presley, 44, on reports the white Cadillac car she was driving was reported stolen to police on May 14. The vehicle’s owner, Allan April, gave a demand letter and sworn statement to police on June 21, with the letter denying consent “for anyone to further operate the vehicle,” per a court affidavit.

Presley originally said she’d met a man named Allan in a hotel room near East 51st Street about two months ago and purchased the vehicle for $5,000 in cash. She said Allan and another man, who’d also previously owned the vehicle, gave her all the required paperwork and offered registering the car in her name.

Andrea Presley, 44 Photo: Austin Police Department

She later changed her statement and said Allan stole “an unknown amount of money from her” out of her bank account, per the affidavit. She said he gave her some checks and told her to sign her name, as well as gave her the vehicle instead of repaying her with money. She didn’t make a police report for the alleged theft from her bank account, per the affidavit.

Police found a total of 103 checks in her vehicle connected to 24 different victims. Three checks found in her purse had been endorsed with Presley’s personal information.

“In total, she had 27 pieces of mail that were unopened, addressed to someone other than herself and stamped,” the affidavit read. Presley told police she had filled out and signed the checks two months ago “but was planning on returning the checks even though she had thought about cashing one.”

Presley told police she had marijuana in the car. When police searched the vehicle, officials didn’t find any marijuana but found a glass pipe typically used for meth, according to the affidavit.

Police arrested Presley on three separate charges: unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, fraudulent possession of identifying information and mail theft. Her bail was set at $30,000.