AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin Pets Alive! is asking for help after losing power and water at one of its shelters.

The Town Lake shelter on W. Cesar Chavez was hit by a power outage early Monday morning at about 1:30 a.m.

APA tweeted the Town Lake shelter has its own generators, but employees are having issues getting those grounded. The shelter is asking for donations of generators that don’t need to be grounded, so that it can get heat back up and running for the animals there. The shelter is also putting out a call for any electrician who’d be willing to help get its generators grounded, so they can begin running.

As of Monday evening, the shelter had gotten some generators in, but none that are easy to set up. With an electrician’s help, the shelter feels they could be set up. Austin Pets Alive! is also asking for extension cords and gas that may help keep the generators working, if staff is able to set them up.

Monday evening, water also went out at the shelter. Austin Pets Alive! is asking anyone who can to donate water for animals and staff members at the Town Lake location.

Some staff members stayed in the shelter or in nearby hotels overnight, and they’re working to keep animals as warm as they can in the meantime.

Austin Pets Alive! also tweeted it’s working with limited resources when it comes to rescuing animals out in the cold.

APA is asking anyone who sees an animal that needs help, or who has a generator that could be donated, to email or call (512) 586-3382.

The Town Lake shelter is located at 1156 W. Cesar Chavez Street.