AUSTIN (KXAN) — Raise a glass to Tiki Tatsu-Ya. The local paradise in south Austin landed a spot on Esquire’s 2022 Best Bars in America list.

It took less than 10 months for one of Austin’s newest bars to debut on the prestigious list. The publication selects 25 of the best watering holes from coast to coast. Tiki Tatsu-Ya is located on South Lamar in the heart of south Austin but after stepping inside it feels more like a tropical getaway.

“Every inch of the wall is taken over by grimacing deities. The tiki drinks on the lavishly illustrated menu are assiduously sourced and served in mugs that are vessels the same way a parade float is a method of conveyance,” Esquire raves.

The Tiki bar from brothers Tatsu and Shion Aikawa opened its doors in October 2021. The Japanese-themed Tiki bar fulfilling a longtime dream for the duo.

“Tiki Tatsu-Ya grew from a small seed of an idea nearly 10 years ago. Living in Los Angeles, I remember the temporary respite that I found at places like Tiki-Ti during a challenging period of life,” said Shion Aikawa in a press release ahead of the grand opening. “With the stressful times we’re living in, we hope Tiki Tatsu-Ya will offer the same sense of retreat for our guests, even if it’s just a short escape.” 

A few of the inventive drinks include the classic “Painkiller.” It’s described as “a blend of three rums, shiro miso, coconut cream, pineapple, and tangerine. There’s also the “Mai Tai,” with a mix of fresh Martinique rum, aged Jamaican rum, and dark St. Lucian rum, along with miso-almond orgeat, lime, and mandarin.”

Parties can kick up the fun with sharable drinks like the S.O.S. – Stranded on Saturn. It includes “a medley of shochu, starfruit, passionfruit, miso-almond orgeat, and falernum, served in an orb perched on a smoking gardenscape with the option to upgrade with Kingston Negroni Titan shots.”

The drinking vessels are an important part of tiki cocktail culture and experience. All of Tiki Tatsu-Ya’s cups are custom-designed. They are also available for purchase for guests looking to bring home a souvenir.

This is not the first time an Austin bar received a shoutout from Esquire. Nickle City in east Austin made the list in 2018 and a year before that it was Half Step on Rainey Street.