AUSTIN (KXAN) — As the city and the surrounding areas are baking under triple-digit weather conditions, the city of Austin is offering multiple sites as a place to cool off.

Local paramedics are already seeing the impact the heat is having on people. Austin-Travis County EMS Captain Christa Stedman says now is the time to be aware of the effect the heat can have on you, especially heat stroke.

“The key indicator that someone has progressed from heat exhaustion to heat stroke is truly that alteration in their level of consciousness and if they’ve stopped sweating. so when their skin is really hot to the touch, that’s a true medical emergency that can be fatal in a matter of minutes,” Stedman said.

Stedman says, if you’re with someone experiencing heat stroke, you should move them, cool them and call 911. There have been a total of 34 heat illness-related calls over the last week.

The KXAN First Warning Weather team predicts Central Texas will experience the hottest temperature since August 2020.

Austin cooling centers

Here’s a list of the designated cooling centers in Austin. All city library branches, recreation centers, and senior centers are available during normal business hours.

The Central Library and all open branch locations of the Austin Public Library system, as well as community recreation centers run by the Austin Parks and Recreation Department, are available during normal business hours.

KXAN is teaming up with Family Eldercare this summer to help collect fans for the elderly. These fans only cost pennies to run. Here’s how you can donate to help Central Texans.