AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Austin Municipal Court is closed Friday after a pipe burst, the city announced in a press release.

“Staff are currently assessing the situation and more information will be posted on the court’s website once it becomes available,” according to the release.

According to Building Services, the third floor valve burst overnight. About six work stations on the first floor were effected.

Because ceiling tiles were dislodged and because of the building’s history, a contractor is currently going through full asbestos abatement.

(KXAN/Kevin Clark)

City Building Services Officer Eric Stockton tells KXAN he’s cautiously optimistic employees will be able to work in the building come Monday.

He said contractors will likely be working through the weekend to clean up the water damage.

The courthouse, described as being on ‘the brink of disaster,’ was supposed to move to a new location on Burleson Road by the end of the year. But earlier this year, relocation was delayed to April 2020. Read the KXAN Investigation about relocation.

You can check for updates on the Austin Municipal Court website.