AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin Mayor Steve Adler began his final State of the City address Thursday by thanking Austin City Council, his staff and the people who have worked alongside him in office over the past eight years.

The mayor’s remarks Thursday mark the near end of the long-time mayor’s seat at the head of the city’s largest governing body.

“For tonight we are going to pause and celebrate where we are and what we have achieved and how we got here and where we’re gonna go,” he said.

The mayor talked about pay raises for employees, transportation advancements and the council’s efforts to end homelessness.

“The state of our city, as measured against almost every metric used to compare cities, is exceptionally strong,” he said.

While the mayor talked largely about city achievements, Save Austin Now, a group that has regularly criticized the mayor and city council, doesn’t think the city is doing enough on the city’s biggest issues: affordable housing, transportation and crime being three of them.

“Their idea of an affordability solution is putting a $350 million affordability bond that will help a small amount of people at the expense of everyone else,” Matt Mackowiak, the co-founder of Save Austin Now, said.

The group said the mayor should be talking about crime, property taxes, hold times at the 911 call center, among other issues. Save Austin Now sent KXAN a mock State of the City address Thursday.

The people of Austin will vote on a new mayor in November. The candidates include former state senator Kirk Watson and Representative Celia Israel.

Other candidates include Phil Campero Brual, Gary Spellman, Erica Nix, Anthony Bradshaw, and Jennifer Virden.