AUSTIN (KXAN) — Jesus Moncada and his wife Esther frequent the Holla Mode food truck.

“My daughters love that place,” said Jesus.

On Friday night, it was just he and his wife there. Jesus says Esther waited in the car nearby as he stood in line.

“I heard some screeching of cars, and next thing I remember I’m on the floor,” he said.

Jesus was one of the nine people taken to the hospital after ATCEMS says two vehicles collided, sending one of the vehicles crashing into the food truck. He says the back of his head was bleeding. While he’s out of the hospital now, he has to go back in a couple of weeks to get another scan to make sure there’s no more internal bleeding.

“I was bleeding. My legs hurt. I was bleeding from my head,” Jesus said, adding that he also needed five stitches in his head.

The Austin Police Department has not yet provided an update on how the crash happened.

Jesus says he hopes this incident is a reminder for people to be safe behind the wheel.

“Myself and others, we were just there to enjoy a great Austin evening,” he said.

“It is saddening to see something happen in such an unexpected way,” said Zach Stanke, owner of Holla Mode. “Thankfully all of our staff are safe, but nevertheless they’re understandably shook up. Just to be getting ice cream or serving ice cream and see something happen like that.”

He says he’s working on getting the food truck back open but does not have a timeline yet.

Stanke has launched a Go Fund Me page to both help victims with their hospital bills and help his staff members make a living while the truck is closed.

Both he and Moncada say they commend first responders for acting quickly – as well as bystanders and staff members for stepping in to help victims right after the crash happened.