AUSTIN (KXAN) — Drivers along a stretch of North Lamar Boulevard will be asked to drive slower after people in the area asked the Texas Department of Transportation to change the speed limit.

Austin City Council voted Thursday to approve modifications to speed limits between Parmer Lane and Braker Lane on North Lamar. Right now, the speed limit is 50 miles per hour unless in a school zone.

After the change Thursday, the speed limit will be dropped to 45 miles per hour between Parmer Lane and Oakbrook Drive. From Oakbrook Drive to Braker Lane will now be 40 miles per hour.

“On Lamar, it’s just so hectic and it always feels like a rat race and people are trying to cut people off and so yeah, slowing down the traffic here would be a welcome change,” Kyle, a man who lives on the stretch of the road told KXAN.

“People are still gonna speed. That’s just the truth of the fact. If you want to get caught by police that’s up to you. You take the risk,” another person who lives on Parmer told us.

There are two schools along that stretch of road — the speed limit near both will be dropped from 35 to 30 miles per hour.

The changes were made following a speed study conducted along the corridor, in coordination with the Texas Department of Transportation. North Lamar Boulevard is overseen by TxDOT, which served as the lead on the speed zone study and offered up the recommendation.

North Lamar Boulevard has also historically been reported as one of the most dangerous local roadways in Austin. It is classified as a member of the city’s high-injury roadways network, with city officials conducting several improvements along the corridor in recent years to try and curtail serious and fatal crashes.