AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin Ed Fund, Austin ISD’s nonprofit public education foundation, announced it would use $300,000 to fund 52 projects across the district as part of its grant program.

According to the nonprofit, the program was started in 2015 to encourage and help fund teacher-led, collaborative projects that focus on innovative teaching strategies that enhance learning and support the well-being of students, staff and families.

Across AISD schools, a variety of initiatives and projects were funded during the 2022 grant cycle.

“Teachers submitted 94 proposals requesting over $653,000,” the nonprofit said in a release. “Of submitted projects, 55% were fully or partially funded across 41 AISD schools for a unique variety of initiatives and projects.”

Akins Early College High School received $4,050 for its Law Practicum Legal Resources project. The project will provide its 17 practicum students with an immersive educational experience with hands-on law experience throughout the state.

Linder Elementary received $10,000 for its “We Knew We Could!” program, which helps cultivate resilience through STREAM. STREAM teaches students problem-solving skills, resiliency and the ability to accept failure and allow it to become a springboard for eventual success.

Gus Garcia Young Men’s Leadership Academy received $10,000 for its “Dragon Fire Media” project. The project would seek to create a new media lab and an afterschool club.

Kocurek Elementary received $9,450 for its “The Writing Barn Retreat: Cultivating Craft within a Literary Community” program. The grant would kickstart the campus-wide initiative to develop both teacher and student writing abilities and improve student academic outcomes in all subject areas.

Ortega Elementary received $10,000 for its “Healthy Habits Here We Come” project, which would encompass many aspects of healthier habits for the entire school community.

Wooldridge Elementary received $8,000 for its “Building a Better Book Fair: The Collaborative Book” project. This project transforms the traditional Book Fair model into a tailored experience to better fit the needs and wants of the students.

Austin ISD Multilingual received $7,900 for its “Sewing Friendships” project that hosts sewing support groups for refugee women and students. The grant will help purchase sewing machines and materials for the biweekly sewing group.

Eastside Early College High School received $7,290 for the “Eastside Battle of the Books” program, which is a collaboration with the English Language Arts department and the library to organize a high school Battle of the Books competition within the school.

Houston Elementary received $1,930 for its “For the Love of Reading… Sit and Enjoy!” program. The grant will give fifth-grade students access to bilingual, culturally relevant texts in both English and Spanish.

Langford Elementary received $8,600 for its “STEMulate Your Mind with Robotics!” The grant is going to help fund the purchase of multiple Vex robotics bundles for the entire campus and will bring real-world learning into the classroom.

Zilker Elementary received $3,550 for its “Girls on the Run Program,” which is a positive youth development program that inspires girls to be healthy, joyful and confident through a hands-on curriculum that creatively integrates running.

“A maximum of $2,500 is awarded for projects that impact individual classrooms, and up to $10,000 is awarded for projects that are collaborative and have a team or campus-wide impact,” the release said.

full list of winners can be viewed on the Austin Ed Fund website.