AUSTIN (KXAN) — The wizarding world of Harry Potter will return to a south Austin neighborhood later this fall, but won’t be on display for Halloween this year.

Diagon Alley Austin has been a beloved local decorations display for five years, with homeowners erecting the Hogwarts Castle replica each fall and keeping it on display through Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. This year, the family behind the magic said they opted to skip Halloween, instead spending time with their son this summer before he went off to college.

“Rather than spend the summer building, we invested that time with our only son who went off to college 3 weeks ago,” the family said in a post. “Additionally, Joel learned that he would be in trial during October and the day job needs to take priority this year.”

Joel Pace began the tradition back in 2017 as a way to cheer up his wife after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. From there, the display has expanded and allows people to drive by or walk over for a quick visit.

While residents won’t be receiving their Hogwarts letter — i.e., invitation to visit the display — in time for Halloween, the Pace family said the decorations will be ready by Thanksgiving and take on a Holiday Yule Ball theme.

“As always, there will be some new additions and we look forward to sharing some magic with the community,” the Paces added.

The Hogwarts Castle display is located just off West Slaughter Lane, near the intersection with Bungalow Lane.