AUSTIN (KXAN) — Frustrated and angry members of a local gym want answers and some are trying to get their money back. They claim the new north Austin location of Tech Ridge Fitness Connection was supposed to open a month ago and despite several delays, members are getting billed.

It was the perks that first caught Keiyonna Brown’s attention. “The price was right, $10 a month and the sales pitch was really nice,” Brown said.

For Juanita Gregg, it was the location of the new Tech Ridge Fitness Connection.

“Convenience was a major factor, I live in this neighborhood,” Gregg said. Both women signed up months ago and say they were told the gym would open Nov. 1. But, when Keiyonna showed up that day, ready to work out,

“I was like wait a minute, there’s no grand opening signs, no balloons,” she said.

They are just two of several members who reached out to KXAN confused and concerned while playing the waiting game.

And then some people’s surprise, a bill. “I found out, I’ve been billed for three adults in my house, since I signed up in September. But what I was told was that I wouldn’t have to pay a fee until the Tech Ridge gym opened up,” Gregg said.

She says she has spent roughly 12 hours on the phone trying to get a hold of someone to help her clear up the problem.

KXAN spoke with a Fitness Connection representative who says a big part of the delays has been on the city of Austin, because the inspections took longer than expected and the inspectors were booked up.

An official with the city confirmed inspectors are 2-3 days behind schedule, but not an entire month.

As for the fees, according to Fitness Connection, that’s in the fine print. The gym says says when pre-sale members signed up online, they were given the option to start paying right away and gain access to the other Austin location off US 183 or wait to pay until Tech Ridge officially opens.

Members say they were never under that impression and only signed up to take advantage of the Tech Ridge location.

“At the time of signing my contract it was understood, me personally, I was choosing this location because it was near home, I don’t want to have to drive half an hour away because of this issue,” Brown said. “I just think more communication would help. I haven’t received any emails about any of this so I hope that someone in the Fitness Connection building is hearing us.”

City officials say the gym has passed the electrical, mechanical and plumbing inspections. All that’s left now is a fire inspection and a final building inspection before the gym can open for business.