AUSTIN (KXAN) — Firefighters with the Austin Fire Department left over the weekend to help another community in South Texas with water rescues as flash flooding continues to impact the state.

Seven AFD firefighters went to George West, Texas, a small town about 60 miles northwest of Corpus Christi. The firefighters are part of deployment with Texas A&M Task Force 1, which was requested by the Texas Division of Emergency Management:

  • Lt. Matthew Hunt
  • Lt. Matt Martin
  • Fire Specialist Ty Baker
  • Fire Specialist Aidan Bradley
  • Fire Specialist Nathan Hager
  • Firefighter Keith “Squibby” Brown
  • Firefighter Nick Deno

AFD explained small communities often have little to no water rescue resources. The department said the team’s focus will be on the Neches River; it was expected to reach its highest level Monday morning.

The firefighters are tasked with surveying neighborhoods and areas of concern spanning from several miles north of George West down to Swinney Switch along the south side of the Neches. The details the firefighters collected were used by local emergency management to help focus rescue efforts, if needed.

The Austin Water Squad is one of 12 squads deployed as part of Texas A&M Task Force 1.